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Founded in the early 90s, PML has specialized in the production and distribution of a wide range of sanitary items in brass, stainless steel and plastic relating to various product lines. Such as articles for the shower, articles for the drain in the bathroom, stainless steel drainage systems for the floor and for drains.


Stainless Steel floor drain,

equipped with grid drain or insert tileable. available in two versions and in different lengths.

The standard version with a total height of 105 mm floor level. - 50 mm water column. with discharge flow rate 30 l / min., conforming to EN274. The low version with a total height of 85 mm at floor level. - 30 mm water column. with discharge flow rate of 30l / min., conforming to EN274.

The Stainless Steel floor drain has a regulation system to facilitate the positioning on the floor.

For proper installation it is recommended to prepare the substrate with an appropriate waterproof membrane. The siphon is preassembled, immovable and at 360 ° is fully inspected.

Stainless steel floor drain can be assembled and aligned using the appropriate kit "MODULAR ASSEMBLY".


PP Floor Drain "PRIME"

The new "PRIME" shower channel with an inpolipropylene body and stainless steel grille is available in lengths of cm60 - cm70 - cm 80 - cm90.

The technical characteristics of this new raceway reflect exactly the same properties of the patented stainless steel version, making them unique and functional also in the polypropylene version.

The additional advantage is in all versions.

The pml wanted to combine this new channel in polypropylene with the existing one in stainless steel, putting at the center as always, the quality, practicality and functionality, in the best tradition of MADE IN ITALY.

Dowload Brochure ( PDF)
Dowload Depliant floor drain ( PDF)

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