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         a mark of excellence.
PML - Made in Italy

PML is the leading manufacturer and distributor of sanitary items of various kinds.

And 'from back in 1960 that PML is present in the market by placing the maximum attention to the quality of its products and customer needs.


New patented "ECOSYSTEM"

ECOSYSTEM is an absolute novelty, effective and functional thanks to its certified discharge capacity and anti-intrusion of mosquitoes, cockroaches or rats, also able to avoid the bad smelling fumes caused by stagnation of various types.

ECOSYSTEM is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304.

Equipped with an intelligent mechanism for opening and closing a swinging lever that allows the outflow of the different waste materials both solid and liquid in the discharge duct of the manhole and closes again carrying out the function of a check valve thus avoiding any unwanted intrusion.


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